History Dept Graduate Conference Fellowship Competition

The history department announces the first graduate student conference fellowship competition.

The fellowship supports graduate student efforts to contribute to the intellectual life of the department and disseminate the results of their research to a wider audience. The fellowship will award $500 to the winning proposal and up to $250 matching funds if there is a deserving second-place proposal.

We welcome collaboration across fields and specializations. The review process will privilege proposals that are thematic and that cross field-specific boundaries – for example: “transatlantic diasporas” would be given greater consideration than “16th century Belgian lace technology”.

Proposals should include:

– 500-word motivation (significance and contribution)

– the list of UCR participants and 250 word abstract of the work each will present (at least 3 participants, at most 5)

– commitment letter from sponsoring faculty in the history department

– plan for recruiting additional participation from outside UCR

– short list of potential commentators from external institutions

– summary budget (for example for refreshments, lunch, dinner, photocopies, honoraria, travel – check with Isleda on UCR travel rates and catering)

The conference should be planned for early in the Spring quarter of 2014, and be held during a morning or afternoon.

If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact Graduate Adviser Juliette Levy (juliette.levy@ucr.edu)

Please submit electronic proposals to the Graduate Student Affairs Officer Iselda

Salgado (iselda.salgado@ucr.edu) by November 10th, 2013

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